5 Pro Tips for Designing a Banner


A banner is a big, bold way to get attention and designing an effective banner is excellent advertising for your company. There are many reasons to use a banner and these include promoting a sale or event, promoting your location, displaying news of a grand opening, and giving details of a specific offer. Banners are perfect for attracting attention, but you do need to get the design right. Here are some top tips for making the best banner on your budget.

1. Get Your Focus 

Effective roller banners, display banners, vinyl banners and outdoor banners need to have a clear focus. Obviously you do not have a lot of space to spare on a banner as most of what you put on the banner will need to be large enough to be read at a distance. So you need a clear focus. Think about what you want to achieve with your banner. You need one main message in order to attract attention and make your banner a success. Otherwise, your viewers will get overwhelmed.

2. Balance the Composition

When you are creating personalised banners and designing banners for print you need to follow some key rules of design, such as making sure that the composition is balanced so that the viewer easily “reads” the design, and the eye is taken naturally to all the important points.

3. Use Text and Images Effectively

When it comes to banner printing, you need a good combination of text and image. You need to make sure that you have a bold image or several images, but also that you leave enough space for the text. Look at exactly what you need to include on the banner – keep it simple. Don’t overload the banner with text but on the other hand, do not go with only images. You need a balance in order to make a banner an effective promotional tool.

4. Give it Time

When you have planned out your banner design, leave it for a couple of hours or even a day and then go back to it. You are likely to be too close to the design when you are working on it. Taking some time out and then returning makes you notice the details you may not have before. It will also give you a chance to see if the design does really work for your purposes.

5. Get Professional Help

If you are really struggling with inspiration or with the creative aspect of putting the design together, get help from a design agency or printing services. The banner could form part of a main marketing campaign so it pays to spend some time and effort on it.

Image courtesy of stockimages/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net