5s ppt : Information Guide

Ever since you can remember, good and proper organization of space and objects it is synonymous with order, cleanliness, clarity and stillness. In a messy and confusing environment it becomes difficult to identify what is and what is not, and this causes a sense of anxiety and agitation.

Try to think about when the bedroom of your child is in complete and utter mess: scattered clothes from under the bed, books piled on his desk, a computer that once was but now mysteriously disappeared under a mountain of junk. Go and look for something in such a room becomes almost impossible, we put a lot of time to find the object you need at that moment and your mood changes magically in seconds.

Try to think if this situation occurs in a work environment! It means loss of time, waste of resources, elongation of processes, loss of quality of the finished product. In short, a mess!

You know what the first principle of Lean Production? Identify the business value for the customer. How can you think that the confusion and disorganization may increase this corporate value? To assist those companies who wish to obtain profit maximization come the famous 5s, often exemplified on the web through 5s ppt, i.e Power Point presentations that seek to simplify the concept by dividing it into key points.


 But what are your precise 5s? It is a very effective application method that takes into account five key aspects related to the organization business. The “s” refer to some Japanese words (common in the western world with the English translation) used to explain in detail each step of this method.

Eliminating the unnecessary you can already organize better and work spaces, helping to greatly reduce waste. This process is best explained in 5s ppt dividing it into four stages:

1. Initial assessment and decision-waste awareness.

2. Identification of abnormalities by affixing labels.

3. Classification of objects depending on the frequency of use.

4. Elimination of unnecessary objects.