A good BEE consulting company will be on hand even once the business had been verified

There are so many firms offering BEE consulting services that it is a long road to choose one that will be the right fit for you. Bconsult is one of these companies and what sets them apart from the rest is the scope of additional services that they provide to their clients. It is all very well to hire a BEE consulting firm to come up with the strategy that will be used to gain BEE points, but putting this theory into action also requires an experienced hand. Not many BEE consulting firms are equipped to help their clients with this process. Most services are simply bound to offering the advice and strategy and handling the verification company requests. A good BEE consulting company will be on hand even once the business had been verified. This is to make sure that all of the advice they have given is being carried out properly. A company needs to update their BEE status every 3 months and a BEE consulting company can be in charge of this instead.


BEE consulting ensures that the company need not worry about taking it upon themselves to adhere to all of the codes in the BEE charter. These can get really confusing and be interpreted wrongly by someone not familiar with all of the finer innate rules. Instead, they will get professional advice and implementation of strategies. Bconsult in particular assists in various areas. The first being management control. They will take charge of disabled recruitment and employment equity within a company. Getting these 2 factors done helps the company twofold. The first is to score points on the BEE scorecard and the second is the tax concessions that the company will benefit in, due to employing BEE worthy people. A plan needs to be put in place by a BEE consulting firm, especially in regards to employment equity.

There needs to be a diverse representation within the company in terms of its employees. Research has shown that a diverse work force increases creativity, bonding, productivity and a general tolerance level. So this is just an added by product of BEE. BEE consulting with Bconsult will also assist in learnerships. The notion of BEE states advantages for black people in the workplace, with a focus on economic growth but training programmes also need to be implemented so that individuals have a learning curve before they actually get put in the job in question. A learnership programme is whereby a person will work in the company whilst completing a theoretical study at an institution. The business will help by providing the necessary work tools and mentoring. Once the mentoring contract is over and the studies are complete, there could also be a job in line for the trained individual. BEE consulting will ensure that the business finds the right person. Tax concessions will be given for each year of the training programme. A full service BEE consulting company will assist the business in applying for this tax concession.